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Air Compressor & Airbrush Kit

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How To use:
1. Usually the outlet of our air compressor is 1/8in BSP. If you need 1/4in BSP or other NPT threads, you may need to fix other adapters on the socket. Then you can connect different air hoses.
2. There is a rubber sealing layer inside the original air hose; users can manually make the air tightness and obtain good performance. If the air hose is not original, usually the air hose and the air compressor cannot be sealed well. However, 100% air tightness is only effective for air compressors with automatic stop functions. PTFE tape can be used to prevent leakage. You can buy this elastic in all stores that sell hygiene products.
3. Connect the air compressor, air hose and spray gun (or other pneumatic tools), plug in the main power supply, turn on the switch, and then the air compressor will start working. The pressure gauge will display the maximum pressure, and you can adjust the working pressure by adjusting the pressure regulator.
Check for air leaks. When the pressure reaches the maximum, please do not use pneumatic tools first.
4. Pressure (automatic stop function). For the compressor without automatic stop function, please turn off the switch. Then check the needle of the pressure gauge. If the needle on the pressure gauge is very stable, it means that the air tightness is very good. If the needle drops quickly, there is an air leaking somewhere in the connection. Please check and keep it sealed. Otherwise, any small leakage will affect the performance of the compressor. (This may cause frequent automatic stops and automatic starts).
5. The difference between maximum pressure and working pressure. The maximum pressure of the compressor is the highest pressure it can build. When the connected spray gun is opened, it is under this pressure that the compressed air is first ejected through the spray gun nozzle. On the contrary, the working pressure is the constant pressure that the compressor can maintain during the spray gun. On the other hand, the size of the working pressure depends on the nozzle diameter of the connected spray gun; the larger the nozzle diameter, the greater the amount of air that can escape and the lower the working pressure of the compressor.
6. The bottom of the regulator and filter is a water drain valve; the user can open the valve at any time to release water or moisture.