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Voilamart Airbrush

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* Versatile, designed for quick changes of custom mixed colors

* Gravity feed through the top-mounted color cup into the air brush

* Dual action trigger controls both air and color (down for air, back for color), which allows the artist to change the width of the line and the capacity of paint

* Perfect for model painting, body painting, nail arts, fine arts, car painting,temporary tattoos, cake decorating, textiles and T-shirt painting or some other paintings


Needle Diameter:0.3mm

The Length of Airbrush:15cm

Gravity Fluid Cup(Fixed):7CC

Fluid Control:Dual Action

Working Pressure:15-50 PSI

 Package Includes

1 x Airbrush
1 x Nozzle Wrench
1 x 2CC Eye Dropper
1 x 0.3mm nozzle
1 x 7CC Gravity fluid cup
1 x Manual
1 x Black packing box